Easter retreat 2022

This year Sayadaw U Thuzana will be leading a retreat at TMC in California in April and will be unable to lead the Easter retreat at Dhammaramsi. However, Sayadaw U Paññathami has agreed to replace him on an exceptional basis. The retreat will take place from 3 to 24 April 2022 (preceded by an unaccompanied pre-retreat for experienced meditators from 27 March). This is a vipassana retreat. Given the pandemic, Sayadaw will conduct it from his centre in Sydney, Australia, via Webex. Practical information and the programme can be found here.

Collective accommodation: 567 EUR or  27 EUR / night (with a supplement of 189€ for the self-retreat)
Private room: 735 EUR or 35 EUR / night (with a supplement of 245€ for the self-retreat)
These amounts only partially cover retreat costs. On site, you can support our efforts with a donation for meals or for the Dhamma Group.
Teaching is free but it is customary to make a donation to the teacher.

Info/registration : Claude JEANDRAIN