Easter retreat 2021

This vipassana retreat will take place from April 2 until April 25, 2021 and will be preceded by a pre-retreat from March 26. (There is no guidance during this pre-retreat, which is intended for experienced meditators.) It will be guided by Sayadaw U Thuzana. Exceptionally, Sayadaw will run it from his centre in California, via Webex. Until further notice, 15 people will be able to participate in person. You can consult the practical information and the program here.

Collective accommodation: 621 EUR or  27 EUR / night (with a supplement of 189€ for the self-retreat)
Private room: 805 EUR or 35 EUR / night (with a supplement of 245€ for the self-retreat)
These amounts only partially cover retreat costs. On site, you can support our efforts with a donation for meals or for the Dhamma Group.
Teaching is free but it is customary to make a donation to the teacher.

Info/registration : Claude JEANDRAIN