Weekly Sessions

Meditation sessions of 30 or 60 minutes followed by a short teaching on CD and/or questions & answers are organised regularly during the week. They are suitable for experienced meditators who want to regularise their practice and for beginners who want an introduction to meditation. Monday evenings are more specifically aimed at beginners.

In addition, online sessions are also organised. They take place every Monday and Tuesday with Anastassia and Christian Guyon, Wednesday and Saturday with Michèle Germain, Thursday with Josette and Olivier Bigot, Friday with Patrick Renard and Sunday with MC Forget.

Due to the current health situation, participants in the on-site sessions in the meditation rooms must not register in advance by email.

Salle de la rue de la duchesse 2 in 1040 BRUSSELS (Montgomery)
Dhammaramsi Meditation Centre, Route de Floreffe, 22, 5170 RIVIÈRE (near Namur)
Studio 264 Franklin Roosevelt avenue near BOITSFORT (hippodrome)
Salle de LIÈGE, botanical garden district (danieledropsy@hotmail.com – 0496724318)
ATTENTION: the door is not open once the meditation has started.

When? On the following days (except public holidays and during retreats):
7 – 8pm
7 – 8:30pm
7:30 – 9pm
7 – 8:30pm
7 – 8:30pm
with Fabrice Vandersmissen (0476.611 281) (½ hour)
with Marie-Cécile Forget (0474.590 021)
with Danièle Dropsy (0496724318)
with Marie-Cécile Forget (0474.590 021)
with Bruno Vandergucht (0489.047 327) (French & Dutch/English alternating)
Participation? Left to everyone’s discretion.