History of Meditation (in French)

The aim of this course is to enable participants to situate their meditation practice in time and in relation to other currents of meditation. What does “a truth to be realised by the wise, each for himself” mean? Can we be creative in our search for truth, or do we have to follow instructions to the letter? Is Buddhist meditation fundamentally different from other types of meditation? Has it evolved over the centuries? Can we practise meditation outside its doctrinal context? These are just some of the questions that will emerge as we attempt to understand meditation in past centuries through the textual, archaeological and iconographic sources that have come down to us.

The first hour consists of a presentation on one historical period. The second hour is devoted to a discussion with the participants. The sessions can be followed online, except for the first session on 20 April.

Where? Either at the Dhammaramsi Meditation Centre, route de Floreffe 22, 5170 RIVIERE, or at the Boitsfort branch, avenue Franklin Roosevelt 264, 1050 BRUSSELS (see below).

Those coming by train should make arrangements to arrive at LUSTIN (two stops after Namur – see https://www.belgiantrain.be/) at around 9.30am on Saturday morning. A car will be waiting in front of the station. Car pooling is sometimes organised.

When? In 2024: five sessions on Saturday mornings from 10am to 12pm.

  • Colonial times and decolonisation in Burma – 20 April at Rivière
  • Contemporary times: the different currents – 25 May in Boitsfort
  • Theravāda in Sri Lanka and mahāyāna – 22 June at Rivière
  • Asoka and Abhidhamma – 24 August in Boitsfort
  • Brāhmaṇas and samaṇas – 12 October at Rivière

Cost ? 30€ for the cycle.

Info/registration: Bruno VANDERGUCHT (brunovandergucht@dhammagroupbrussels.be)