Christine Vieujean

Christine Vieujean discovered the practice of vipassana in 2006 at the Dhammaramsi Centre in Rivière. Since then, she has made numerous retreats each year according to the teachings of Mahasi Sayadaw at the Dhammaramsi Centre under the guidance of renowned masters (Sayadaw U’Thuzana, Sayadaw U’Paññathami, Sayadaw U’Nyanujjota).  In 2011 she participated in a retreat at the Sakyamuni Centre (France) and in 2012 at the Saraniya Centre (England). In 2016 and 2017 she went to the Panditarama Centre in Bago, Burma to deepen her practice during longer retreats. Christine Vieujean is a full member of the Dhamma Group and participates in the organisation of activities and retreats.