Christmas Retreat 2023

Retreat Director: Bruno VANDERGUCHT (
Registration manager (coordinator 1): Fabrice VANDERSMISSEN (
Volunteers manager (coordinator 2): Marie-Cécile FORGET (

This year’s Christmas Vipassana Retreat will take place from Tuesday 26 December 2023 to Saturday 6 January 2024. It will be led by Sayadaw U Vasettha. Practical information and the programme are available here. Sayadaw has agreed to come but we are still dependent on the visa process going smoothly. If this fails, an alternative solution will be found.

Group accommodation: 297 EUR or 27 EUR / night
Private room: 440 EUR or 40 EUR / night
These amounts only partially cover the costs of the retreat. On site, you can support our efforts by making a donation for meals or for Dhamma Group.
The teaching is free; it is customary to make a donation to the teacher.

Info/registration: Fabrice VANDERSMISSEN