Fabrice Vandersmissen

In July 2013, Fabrice got his first glimpse into the world of meditation during a morning session at a Tai Chi Chuan course. Finding himself for the first time in a sitting position, with eyes closed, was like a matter of course for him, a natural intersection and an inexorable connection. Like a machine that, to function, must be connected to electricity, his encounter with meditation was of the same order, a connection, an inner connection. After this unstoppable experience, thanks to his partner, he discovered Vipassana meditation within Dhamma Group. Participating in weekly sessions, he entered the practice step by step. Meditation soon became part of his daily life. He then participated in the days and weekends organised at Dhammaramsi. He did his first intensive retreat in Rivière with Sayadaw U Nyanujjota in July 2018. Since then, he has been regularly participating in intensive retreats organised at Dhammaramsi. He is a full member of the association and participates in organising activities and retreats.