Sayadaw U Kundala (Kuṇḍala) was born in 1921 in the village of Winkadat near Pégu in Lower Burma and became a novice at the age of nine. He studied in various famous monasteries in Myanmar and was awarded the title of dhammācariya in 1953 and abhivaṃsa in 1955. For twenty years he taught daily Buddhist scriptures to more than 200 monks at Medini Monastery. After meditating for a year under the guidance of the late Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, he decided to teach meditation and in 1978 founded the Saddhammaraṃsi centre in Yangon. Sayadaw U Kuṇḍala is a prolific author (many of his books have been translated into English and some into French) and one of the most influential members of the advisory board of the main Mahasi centre in Yangon. Each year, at the invitation of his students, he travels to Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia to lead meditation retreats vipassanā. After a long illness, Sayadaw passed away in December 2011 and received a state funeral. He honoured us with his visit in 1995, 1997 and especially in 1999 when he led a retreat in our forest centre, at that time a small isolated cottage in the woods at Oignies-en Thiérache.

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