Sayadaw U Paññathami (Paññāsāmi) was born in 1948 in Kawhmu, a village in the Irrawaddy Delta, an hour’s drive from Yangon. He became a novice at the age of 12 and was ordained as a bhikkhu at the age of 20. He then took exams and obtained the title of Dhammācariya in 1973 and Abhivaṃsa thereafter.
In 1966, he made his first intensive three-and-a-half month meditation retreat at the Mahasi Meditation Centre in Yangon under the guidance of Venerable U Paṇḍita. He then stayed there between 1978 and 1983, before being sent to the Burmese Vihāra in Kandy, Sri Lanka (1983-1985), then to the Malay Buddhist Meditation Centre (MBMC) in Penang (1986) and finally to the Buddhist Vihāra in London (1986-1991). He then resided and taught at the Blue Mountain Meditation Centre in Australia for ten years (1991-2000). Since January 2000, Sayadaw U Paññathami has been the Abbot of the Paṇḍitārāma Meditation Centre in Sydney. He founded a meditation centre in Melbourne in 2001, as well as a very isolated meditation centre in the jungle near his home town of Kawhmu in Burma, which should welcome its first meditators soon. He has conducted many retreats abroad, notably in Belgium.

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