Carnival Retreat 2023

Retreat Director: Laurent INGBER (
Registration manager (coordinator 1): Marie THIENPONDT (
Volunteers manager (coordinator 2): Christine VIEUJEAN (

This year’s Carnival Retreat will take place from Friday 17 February to Sunday 5 March 2023. It is a vipassana retreat. It will be guided by Sayalay Daw Vajiranyani. You can consult the practical information and the program here.

Sayalay will be present physically unless health conditions make travel impossible, in which case she will lead the retreat from the USA via the Webex application.

It will be possible to join online several times a day at times to be communicated by email. To obtain the Cisco Webex link, contact

COVID HEALTH MEASURES: No measures are planned at present, but should the health situation deteriorate, the director of the retreat may request a covid test to be performed the day before your arrival.

Collective accommodation: 432 EUR or 27 EUR / night
Private room: 460 EUR or 40 EUR / night
These amounts only partially cover retreat costs. On site, you can support our efforts with a donation for meals or for the Dhamma Group.
Teaching is free but it is customary to make a donation to the teacher.